Big Changes

So, I’ve once again neglected my blog, and I have a lot of catching up to do here. The biggest news I have to share is that I am writing this blog post with my phone, on a train headed to Philly for my first day as a web dev intern at 50onRed!

Today is a big day for so many reasons. First off, after 12 years of teaching, today I will not be reporting to my job as a music teacher. This is a huge step, as I’ve been working for the last year to make a career transition, and it is actually happening! 

I’m both excited and nervous this morning. Starting today, life will be very different. Different schedule, different duties, different coworkers, different culture. I’m excited about the change, but don’t know exactly what to expect. I’ve been part of the education system for one way or another since I was five. I keep thinking to myself, “What will I be doing all day? What’s it like to work side-by-side with other developers? Will I fit in? Will it be challenging enough? Too challenging?” I guess I will find out those answers soon enough. 

I have many goals for this internship, one of them being to write more often about my experiences, so hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me about it. There is a lot to update you on about life lately: how I managed to get this internship, the interview process (of which I was sure afterwards that I would not be hired, yes it went that poorly), my recent work with Code for Philly, and transitions and changes at Hangify. But, I’m almost to my train stop, so I better sign off. Wish me luck!


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