Philly JS Dev October Meetup

Back in August, I started attending Philadelphia JavaScript Developers meetups. Last night, I attended their October meetup, which was the third one I was able to attend.

The first talk, called “Jammin’ in the Console,” was an amazing presentation by Kyle Stetz, a front end developer at P’unk Ave in Philadelphia. Kyle has created an app called Lissajous, which is a wrapper for the web audio api, that allows you to perform music in realtime by writing JavaScript code in the Chrome (or Firefox) developer console. In the talk, Kyle demonstrated the app with a fascinating live musical performance. He went on to talk about how he designed the api to be light on syntax (easy to type), as well as future plans for the app.

The second talk was about immutability in JavaScript and was presented by Tim Griesser. The topic was a little over my head at this point in my learning. I am hoping it will provide another level of understanding as I work through the finer points of JavaScript. Right now, I am reading Eloquent JavaScript, by Marijn Haverbeke, and look forward to making a connection at the between the concept of immutability, as well as what I have already learned.

Afterwards, I got to  eat and drink at Han Dynasty with several of the attendees. It was a great way to make connections. Going to events and talking to people is helping me get over the Impostor Syndrome. I feel like I understand what everyone is talking about, and have no problems contributing to discussions in a meaningful way.  hese discussions are also a great time to ask questions.  I still feel a little bit like an outsider, as most everyone I talk to is currently working in web development and design, and I haven’t really found anyone is the same boat as myself.

The highlight of the evening was Kyle’s talk on Lissajous. During the break between talks, I pulled out my earbuds, and immediately started playing with the app. Being a musician, I was able to quickly create, change, and combine some simple loops, and I look forward to playing around the app further. I also feel like the next step in my journey would be to get involved with an open source project, and I think this will be an idea project in which to contribute.

I have left every meetup I’ve attended so far with new ideas, and a to-do list of things to try. This meetup was no exception. I look forward to the lightning talks/project night in November.

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