YadaGuru is a college application reminder web application. It is a CodeForPhilly

project, on which myself and another developer work. The purpose of the app is to help college students through the college application process by giving them regular reminders to write essays, get recommendation letters, complete applications, etc. Students use the app by supplying their application due date, and a list of reminders are generated and presented to the student, grouped by date due and category. Students can then print out the reminders or export them to Google Calendar.

The app is a MEAN-stack app, MongoDB for data storage, Node/Express on the server, and Angular on the front-end. My work with this project has been primarily focused on the Angular component. The majority of the logic for generating the reminders occurs in the angular app. After the user submits a due date, an AJAX request is made to the API, which returns a list of reminders, with a timeframe formula (90 days before, 60 days before etc.). A callback function takes the response, calculates the due dates, and groups the responses by date, then by category. The reminder cards are displayed in Bootstrap expandable accordions. Several buttons appear on the UI for generating a PDF and exporting to Google Calendar. The project toolchain includes Gulp for task-running and Sass style preprocessing.

The first iteration of the project is currently in production. The second iteration is currently being worked-on, and includes a mobile-first responsive design, a move to PostgreSQL, reminder generation logic being moved to the server, and Twilio integration for text-based reminders.

You can read about my work on the project here and here.