Lingo and Explorations in JavaScript

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A screenshot of the project Lingo

One of my favorite game shows from back in the mid 2000’s was the game Lingo. My wife and I used to occasionally watch the show, and would play each other on the online Flash version. Soon after this, the show went off the air, and eventually the game disappeared from the Internet. My wife and I continued to play Lingo in paper-and-pencil format, usually on the back of diner place-mats.

For those who have never played the game before, here is the general idea: You have to guess a five-letter word to which you are given the first letter. After each guess is made, you are told whether each character that you guess is: 1) in the word, and/or 2) in the correct position in the word. Read MoreLingo and Explorations in JavaScript



A screenshot of the project Lingo

This is a clone of the game and game show Lingo. It was my first attempt at creating a game web app. It was also my first attempt at applying some Object Oriented JavaScript concepts that I had been reading about in the book Eloquent JavaScript.

Also being the first major project I completed since launching this blog, I documented the process of creating it. You can read more about my goals for the project, and my process of achieving those goals here.

How I Got Here – Part 3

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After creating a few projects for others, I decided it was time to create a website for myself. I was unknowingly going through a bit of an identity crisis at the time. I hadn’t figured out the difference between a web designer and a web developer. I guess I always assumed that both jobs were done by the same person.

I also had thought about the possibility of freelancing at this point, so I purchased the domain (which now just redirects to this blog). I then created my fourth project, a landing page/personal business site: D’Errico Web Design:

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How I Got Here – Part 2

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In How I Got Here – Part 1, I had just created my first web app, and discovered it to be a fun and satisfying project. Before we go on, here is a little bit of my back story…

I prefer to focus on the positive in the writing of this blog, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that I have not been necessarily happy teaching. This was something I think I knew all along, but hadn’t come to terms with until recently. As a child, I had always wanted to be a band director. Being a music educator had become part of my identity. The education world is the only world that I know. The thought of not teaching seemed very unrealistic to me, so I buried this unhappiness.

This led to several job changes in my teaching career (I’ve worked for 5 different school districts in 12 years), with hopes that each transition would leave me in a better place, and I would finally enjoy teaching. A year after my last transition (which was in early 2012), I once again began to realize how unhappy I was, but this time, I began to realize that teaching was just not for me. I also was starting to think of other careers, and knew I wanted to do something in the tech sector. At the time, I wasn’t even really aware of what types of jobs existed… I just knew that I wanted to work with computers and technology.

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How I Got Here – Part 1

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This is the first post of in a series of “My Story” articles which detail how I got here. Though the posts are numbered, they are not necessarily in chronological order. I generally view my start in web development with the creation of my first project. From that point forward, many events have lead up to today, the day I launch this blog. The next several posts in the series will detail this adventure in coding.

I also plan on going back and exploring the past, because as mentioned in the About page, I have long been interested in computers and technology in general, and that interest lead to where I am today. I also look forward to adding new chapters to my story as I continue to move through my career as a web developer.

So, how did I get here?

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The Rhythm Randomizer


The Rhythm Randomizer Screenshot

The Rhythm Randomizer is a web app to aid in learning to practice and sight-read musical rhythms. Users select various options, such as duration, time signature, notes, and rests, and the app will randomly generate a rhythm within the specified options.  The generated rhythm can then be clicked to generate a new rhythm with the same options.

This project is my first web app.  I created it to help teach my students at my job as a public school band director. The original version of the app was created in a weekend in April 2014, using nothing but HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In August 2014, after learning PHP and MySQL, I redesigned the website to move the logic and data to the server side. Javscript (and jQuery), are run client side for AJAX requests and UI animations.

In the future, I plan on adding more options for users, clearer UI elements to allow the user to better use the app, and a feature to allow the app to remember options from one session to the next using both session cookies, and a user login account.

D’Errico Web Solutions


D'Errico Web Solutions Screenshot

This project serves at the first iteration of my personal landing page on the internet. The project features sections about me and my work, as well as a contact form. Sections are presented on cards, which slide up when navigating to a different section. There is also a project viewer with similar jQuery animations.

Included in this project are several firsts for me, including building a responsive site and jQuery animations. The project was originally hosted at, which I had purchased before I figured out that I was more of a developer than a designer.

This blog is meant to replace the project, which will eventually be hosted on a subdomain for posterity’s sake, and the original domain will forward to here.

Woodstown High School Marching Band Practice Page


Woodstown High School Marching Band Practice Page Screenshot

This is a web app that assists the students at a local high school marching band in learning and practicing the music for their field show. A user selects her instrument part, what she want to hear (her instrument, all instruments, all instruments excluding her), and whether she would like to hear a click track. A mp3 or ogg file is then fetched matching the specifications selected by the user. The user can also print a PDF of the music for the selected instrument.

This was my first attempt at using PHP and AJAX together, as the appropriate sound file is fetched with an AJAX call and then displayed in an HTML5 audio element.

I also happened to be the music arranger for WHS’s field show for the season, and included the practice page along with the arrangement. This is a one-off project specific to the 2014 field show.