Woodstown High School Marching Band Practice Page


Woodstown High School Marching Band Practice Page Screenshot

This is a web app that assists the students at a local high school marching band in learning and practicing the music for their field show. A user selects her instrument part, what she want to hear (her instrument, all instruments, all instruments excluding her), and whether she would like to hear a click track. A mp3 or ogg file is then fetched matching the specifications selected by the user. The user can also print a PDF of the music for the selected instrument.

This was my first attempt at using PHP and AJAX together, as the appropriate sound file is fetched with an AJAX call and then displayed in an HTML5 audio element.

I also happened to be the music arranger for WHS’s field show for the season, and included the practice page along with the arrangement. This is a one-off project specific to the 2014 field show.