My Newfound Love of Linux

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Recently, on the CodeNewbie Discourse forum, a new community member, John_Minor, posted the following:

I guess I’m newer than a newbie as I have yet to write any code. I stumbled on the Hour of Code site, then stared researching computer programming/science and wanted to learn more. My daughters in college, and son in high school have commandeered my computer so I’m in the process of selecting a new laptop. Once that purchase is made I will start learning. Python will probably be the first language I will explore, then maybe Scheme/Racket. Does it matter which OS is used write code? I was thinking about using Linux/Ubuntu, but would Windows be better for a beginner? Read MoreMy Newfound Love of Linux

New Year Update

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2015 New Year

Wow, I haven’t posted in over a month and a half! It has been a busy November and December, with work, family, and the holidays keeping me busy. Unfortunately, I had less and less time to devote to coding (as made evident by that sad contributions chart on my GitHub page). However, being a teacher has the lovely perk of having a whole week off after Christmas, and this has allowed me to get back into the habit again.

So… what have I been doing?

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