Guest Post on the 50onRed Blog

I was given a great opportunity to write a guest post about my journey from a teacher to a software engineer. It was a nice way to reflect on where I was just a little over a year ago, and on all of the progress I have made during that time. You can jump over to 50onRed’s blog and read the article there, or just read the full text here.

I am six weeks into my RedLabs internship at 50onRed–a little beyond the halfway mark. During my time so far, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from collaborating with senior engineers and Product Team members on company products, learning the best practices for writing clean code, and becoming familiar with new languages and frameworks. I’ve also been adjusting to the schedule and lifestyle of a new career, as well as reflecting on how I got here. Read MoreGuest Post on the 50onRed Blog

Vim Key Remapping

Last September, at a Philadelphia JavaScript Developers meetup, An attendee at the meetup had done a presentation that evening on LightTable, a new code editor. At the time, I was looking at trying a new editor, so I was very interested in his presentation. After the presentation, I had the opportunity to talk to him, and he mentioned that even though he was presenting on LightTable, he was actually an avid Vim user, and he recommended I learned it.

Any new coder who has worked with Vim before can tell you that it is not very intuitive and has a sharp learning curve. That being said, I tend to do things the hard way, and dove right in to learning it. After going through vimtutor, I decided to make Vim my one and only code editor. Read MoreVim Key Remapping


Hangify Logo

Ugh, was February 5th really my last post? There goes my New Year’s Resolution of blogging regularly. Well anyway, I feel like I have a good excuse this time…

The last month-and-a-half have been a crazy-awesome learning experience for me. I wanted to take some time to reflect on this time, as it has been very exciting.

It all started at the January Philadelphia JavaScript Developers Meetup. After the presentations, we were hanging out at a nearby bar/restaurant. Usually, I don’t really know anyone at these meetups, so I try to make an effort to sit with someone I don’t know, tell my story, and ask for advice. Read MoreHangify

My Newfound Love of Linux

Recently, on the CodeNewbie Discourse forum, a new community member, John_Minor, posted the following:

I guess I’m newer than a newbie as I have yet to write any code. I stumbled on the Hour of Code site, then stared researching computer programming/science and wanted to learn more. My daughters in college, and son in high school have commandeered my computer so I’m in the process of selecting a new laptop. Once that purchase is made I will start learning. Python will probably be the first language I will explore, then maybe Scheme/Racket. Does it matter which OS is used write code? I was thinking about using Linux/Ubuntu, but would Windows be better for a beginner? Read MoreMy Newfound Love of Linux

Philly JS Dev October Meetup

Phila JS Logo

Back in August, I started attending Philadelphia JavaScript Developers meetups. Last night, I attended their October meetup, which was the third one I was able to attend.

The first talk, called “Jammin’ in the Console,” was an amazing presentation by Kyle Stetz, a front end developer at P’unk Ave in Philadelphia. Kyle has created an app called Lissajous, which is a wrapper for the web audio api, that allows you to perform music in realtime by writing JavaScript code in the Chrome (or Firefox) developer console. In the talk, Kyle demonstrated the app with a fascinating live musical performance. He went on to talk about how he designed the api to be light on syntax (easy to type), as well as future plans for the app. Read MorePhilly JS Dev October Meetup