Bob D'Errico - Software Engineer

Career History

Marlette Funding

Wilmgington, DE

Senior Lead Software Engineer

Start Date:
February 2022
  • Lead the frontend development of our credit card application site

Senior Software Engineer

Start Date:
April 2021
End Date:
February 2022
  • Lead the development of the next generation version of our internal agent desktop application
    • Worked closely with product owners and operations specialists on refining requirements
    • Wrote clean, maintainable, well-tested code in Angular 11+ and Angular Material
    • Created a mock backend in NodeJS/Express/MongoDB for ease in local development and testing
    • Mentored junior engineers on coding best practices
    • Coordinated with backend engineers on API contracts
  • Added several new features to our customer service website
    • Worked with backend engineers and product owners to implement statement and payoff quote PDF downloads
    • Increased unit test coverage within the code base
    • Discovered and catalogued web accessibility issues, enabling other frontend developers to improve the overall accessibility of the customer service website

Elsevier, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA

Senior Software Engineer

Start Date:
October 2018
End Date:
April 2021
  • Senior UI engineer for ClinicalKey, an online library for physicians and nurses
    • Provided maintenance and added new features to an existing AngularJS (1.x) and NodeJS/Express application
    • Increased unit test coverage within the code bases over 100%
    • Wrote accessible, cross-browser code, compatible with versions of IE7 or later
    • Integrated with several in-house platform APIs including APIs for authentication, search functionality, and content delivery
  • Performed the role of Tech Lead for a cross-functional team
    • Regularly coordinated with product, UX, delivery management, and QA leads to define requirements for epics/stories
    • Identified external dependencies and communicated with dependency leads on requirements and timelines
    • Lead stand-ups and UI team planning meetings/refinement sessions
  • Provided continuing mentorship for junior- and mid-level developers
    • Frequently paired with less-senior engineers on both defining requirements and implementing stories
    • Lead several "mob coding" sessions for the UI team, facilitating a quick way to cross-train on new skills
    • Provided constructive feedback on code reviews
  • Migrated ClinicalKey's build and development tooling from Grunt to Webpack
    • Integrated modern-day build tooling into our aging, 5+ year-old code base, allowing the team to make use of ES6+ JavaScript features and React components (through a React2Angular library).
    • Decreased build time and bundle size by upgrading, providing for quicker development and deploys, and a decreased initial load time for our customers
    • Worked closely with dev-ops and QA engineers to ensure switching build tools did not affect our deployment process or negatively impact customers
  • Lead the integration of Adobe Target, an A/B testing application, in ClinicalKey and other products in the business unit
    • Replaced an existing (and preferred) A/B testing tool with Adobe Target, which was the company-mandated solution for A/B testing.
    • Performed discovery work on how to use the tool, writing detailed documentation for engineers and product team members.
    • Cross-trained teams for other products on implementing and using the tool
  • Developed a Chrome extension which provided tooling for working with ClinicalKey, for both engineers and non-engineers alike
    • Created an extension that allows quick access to ClinicalKey's various environments, editions, and sub-products
    • Internally shared the extension, which is currently used by other ClinicalKey developers and product team members
    • Wrote the tool with Typescript and React as a way to learn (and maintain previous learning) on these technologies, while also providing a benefit to my and others' work

Dorado Systems, LLC

Haddonfield, NJ

Software Engineer

Start Date:
October 2016
End Date:
September 2018
  • Worked on an existing Javascript (NodeJS & jQuery), Java and MySQL web-based terminal emulator
    • Became a subject matter expert on the application shortly after starting
    • Made many code reliability improvements that reduced errors that were occurring several times daily to zero
    • Ensured that the application was cross-browser compatible through IE9
  • Designed and developed a single page application web portal using React
    • Created clean, well-documented React components using Jest and Enzyme for unit testing
    • Incorporated Redux to handle managing application state
    • Educated other members of the team on React and Javascript through lunch-and-learns and wiki posts
  • Developed Maven-based Java 8 microservices with Spring Boot and a Postgresql data layer
    • Wrote well-documented, well-tested code (with JUnit and Mockito)
    • Simplified logic by using AWS Lambas and Step Functions to handle asynchronous response delivery via SFTP
    • Made use of Apache Commons Pool to better utilize our connections with Medicare's CMS mainframe system
  • Created an integration testing platform for testing our Java microservices, using Docker, Docker-Compose, and Terraform
    • Wrote scripts to bring up a local copy of an entire service (or product) stack, closely mirroring the infrastructure of higher environments
    • Wrote integration tests on this platform using the NodeJS Chakram testing framework
    • Served as an evangelist for the new testing platform, educating other developers (most of whom had minimal Javascript experience) in writing tests and using/enhancing the platform
  • Worked in a team environment using state of the art tools and processes:
    • Was involved with the entire development lifecycle, from initial design, development, code review, testing, automated deployment and application performance monitoring
    • Proficient with tools such as Git, Jenkins, Fisheye/Crucible, Rancher, Kibana, and New Relic
    • Regularly mentored other developers through weekly one-on-one meetings

Red Spark (formerly 50onRed)

Philadelphia, PA

CMS Developer

Start Date:
September 2015
End Date:
October 2016
  • Created and managed 10 viral content and marketing sites in WordPress, serving over 100K pageviews/day.
  • Improved page performance by putting the content sites behind Akamai’s CDN, cutting down page load times, and increasing session length and pages per session.
  • Developed the company’s current marketing website, transforming designer PSD images into a high-quality, custom-made, responsive WordPress theme, utilizing Twig templating (to separate presentation from business logic), SASS CSS pre- processing, and jQuery.
  • Wrote clean, unit-tested PHP code while developing custom WordPress plugins, including an A/B testing plugin allowing our team to choose more effective page layouts, ultimately increasing our ad impressions by a factor of six.

Software Engineering Intern

Start Date:
September 2003
End Date:
May 2015
  • Wrote HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Python code to contribute to one of the companies core products, a native ad optimizer, which served 5 million impressions daily.
  • Created MusicBot, a Python Slack bot for in-office music, and easily one of the most active Slack integrations in the company, handling over 400 actions a day.